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Completed Solution in Carbon Neutrality

Application of carbon capture and storage (CCS) at fossil fuel burning plants is one of the methods to reduce the emission of CO2 in the power sector. However, CCS is considered too costly for large scale deployment as the installation of a capture facility at power plants could almost double the cost of the electricity produced by the power plant. Since capturing CO2 is by far the most expensive step in the CCS chain, the development of a more cost effective CO2 capturing & Reuse technologies is APM’s major objective.


At APM, we support the government’s initiatives in achieving carbon neutralities. Future Tree is our first application of CIONEX technology to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve ESG initiatives. The complementary interactive games (green token earning program) and roof top garden activities educate our new generation to love our Earth more.


Future Tree Product Overview

  • Adopting self-created patenting Ion Exchange technologies (CIONEX) to absorb CO2

  • Recovered CO2 can be used for different commercial/ promotional purposes to achieve sustainability

  • An ESG edutainment program to support sustainability

  • First beautifully designed art installation that's both stylish and functional.

  • People can  see the level of CO2 in the surrounding environment or through the colour change of the LED screen wrapped around the tree

  • The show performance provides instagrammable moments,  interactive experiences and education opp.

  • It can absorb as high as 1 ton of CO2 in a day so it is like growing more than 10,000 trees in the project.

  • A real 5 meters tree absorbs about 23 kg per year


For enquiries about Future Tree, please contact our exclusive marketing agent Pinnacle International Enterprise Limited at

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