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About Us

Achelous Pure Metal Co., Ltd. (APM) is an incubatee of Hong Kong Science Park’s Incu-Tech Incubation Program. We seek to provide future-oriented, greener and cost-effective solutions in waste treatment and precious metal recovery to improve the environment and achieve sustainability.


Achelous Pure Metal Rare Earth Management System is a patent-pending process system to purify and refine rare earth from mining and materials factories. APM works to develop elite circular economy systems and sophisticated recycling technologies to recover precious metal and valuable materials from the waste stream.


Focus on the sustainable development of China's rare earth industry, providing efficient, green and low-carbon waste treatment and resources regeneration technology

Committed to assisting young R&D people in Hong Kong to explore development opportunities for environmental technology in the Greater Bay Area


Our Team

Alan Wong

Over 30 years of experience in environmental and REE industry esp. REE separation and purification using Ion- Exchange technology. Owner of 3 patent pending technologies

Shawn Cheng

15 years of experience in environmental & waste management consultancy works with strong R&D background. Postgraduate of MPhil. of Chemistry

Maggie Wong

Over 20 years of Intellectual Properties licensing experience in Asia in multinational companies including Disney and BBCW

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