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Wastewater Management 

Environmental protection policies have become more stringent with increasing demand for ESG. APM is providing a completed solution to fit you in manage the wastewater. 

  • Rotating Packed Bed (RPB) Reactor to achieve high efficient ammonium recovery

  • Super-High Pressure Reverse Osmosis (SHPRO) for minimal liquid discharge can reduce operation costs by five times relative to evaporators

  • Advanced Evaporator with compact size and modular design to fit every condition, and no more high-raise tower to achieve zero-discharge


The Solution – 2P3R

APM protects the environment by providing greener processes to treat waste water and solid waste, prevent the environment from damage, and recover and reuse precious metals and resources. R&D will continue to be at the centre to develop more greener technologies to refine the metal and create added-value intermediate and end products.

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