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Our Technologies

APM works to develop elite circular economy systems and sophisticated recycling technologies to recover precious metal and valuable materials from the waste stream. The foundational Ion Exchange technology is empowered by reputable institutes in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Materials are recovered and refined for further industrial application, meanwhile minimizing the pollution to the environment.

APM - Metal Recovery Technology (MRT)

Core Ion Exchange System IX

Novel Ion Exchange Technology support with variety of highly functional and durable imported resins

Ammonium Recovery RBP

Robust Metal and Ammonia recovery  in Combination of MRIX & Ammonium Rotatory Bed Packed Reactor (RBP) from heavy polluted water

Highly Selective Metal Recovery MRIX

Our own patent pending technology with molecular empowered IX system co-developed with reputable institutes in Hong Kong

Decarbonization Technology CIONEX

Modified IX technology to capture atmospheric carbon dioxide and convert to carbon stored material for further application

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