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Location:   Carpark at Nina Mall


Date of Installation: April 18, 2023


My Function: Capture carbon dioxide emitted from environment and people


Capacity: Can capture maxi 3280g of CO2 from ambient daily, equivalent to 48 real trees


Technology: Achelous (APM) using our proprietary Ion-Exchange (IX) for carbon capture

My CO2 Capturing Records


For “CCG Accel Powered by HKSTP'', APM will conduct additional testing on its patent-pending, carbon reducing CIONEX system derived from its main ion exchange technology. The system is being tested at the carpark of Nina Mall from April 18, 2023. Shawn Cheng, Co-founder & Research Director of APM, describes its mechanism.

“As air passes through CIONEX, carbon particles will attach onto the ions. When compared to other ion exchange technologies, our advantage lies in its stronger absorption capacity and the resin core’s higher reusability.” The absorbed carbon can be used to create soil-enriching compost and other eco-friendly materials.


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